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Why Should You Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Here at UK Box, we are a dedicated hosting provider for your website, so we think it’s only fair that we talk about some of the benefits of uk hosting with a dedicated host. At the end of the day, we want to inform others about why dedicated hosting is the most secure option as well as many other benefits that hosting in uk on a dedicated server has.

Advantages of hosting in uk with a dedicated host

hosting in uk

There are many advantages when it comes to hosting your website within the United Kingdom on a dedicated server, which we will go through, point by point.

Safety – When it comes to the safety of your website, all of the details on your website as well as potential client details, a dedicated server is the best for uk hosting. The reason behind this is that, you won’t be sharing all of your information on one server with more websites. This makes it extremely hard for hackers and other websites to access your information or your client’s information.

Speed – When your uk hosting is put onto a dedicated server you can expect a massive increase in load times for your website and content within it. This is because you are not sharing the same server with multiple websites, so you aren’t sharing bandwidth which is where a lot of speed on a server comes from.

Sole IP Address – A great advantage of dedicated hosting in uk is the unique IP address. What this means is that you won’t be sharing your IP address with multiple websites which is a security problem waiting to happen, because if someone is able to access that IP address then they will be able to access all of the websites which are within that IP address.

Smaller Overheads – One advantage which is always a bonus is that you don’t have to pay as much as you would on a shared server. This gives you the opportunity to invest in other areas of your business whatever that might be. The reasoning behind this is that the dedicated host will take care of the expenses that you would normally have to pay for. Making dedicated hosting in the uk a much more cost-effective way to host your website.

So, there are some amazing benefits for uk hosting and why you should consider moving over to us today!

If you’re still unsure about what is the best option for your hosting in uk, then feel free to take a look at our many packages. These packages are tailored for small to medium sized businesses, so if you’re a corporation or a large business in need of multiple servers then don’t hesitate to contact us as we can work out a deal which can benefit you and all of your websites.

You will notice that each of our packages are fair in price and contain numerous benefits to your business website or websites. One of these many benefits that we include is our unlimited support, what we mean by this is that we can help you with any issues you might be facing for your hosting. We will let you know if there is any work that might be happening on your server, like a virus scan or checks as these are rather important to do.

Get in Touch with Us Today!

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There are a couple of ways to get in touch with us about our uk hosting on dedicated servers, and the choice is yours on which way you would like to proceed.

The obvious way would be to give us a call on 03333050175 and one of our helpful staff members will help you figure out what the best package is for your business. If we do not answer straight away then feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you. We might be experiencing a peak time in the business.

Another way would be to login to your account or register one and visit our support section. There you can find our dedicated support portal where you can as any query you would like on our services.

The final way to get in touch is to send us an email at sales@ukbox.host and we will get back to you as soon as we can. As mentioned previously, if we are experiencing a peak time in the business then we might not get back to you right away, but we will try to email you back as soon as we can.

Cheap UK Web Hosting at UK Box

Here at UK Box, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we can provide our clients with cheap uk web hosting. Having up to four packages to choose from as well as a bespoke package to tailor to your needs. We will go through these packages and what they contain for your cheap web hosting uk. If you are interested in a bespoke package then feel free to email us directly or give us a call on 03333050175.

Our web hosting cheap uk packages

cheap uk web hosting

Before we start, we would like to make it clear that all of our cheap uk web hosting packages are all subject to VAT.

£2.99 a month package

  • -Host a single domain
  • -3GB storage
  • -Ultra-Fast Cloud
  • -5GB Data Transfer
  • -10 email accounts
  • -Online pro webmail
  • -1 Click Easy App Installer
  • -cPanel control panel
  • -SSL certificate
  • -Backup/restore wizard
  • -UK data centre
  • -Unlimited support

£3.99 a month package

  • -Host a single domain
  • -6GB storage
  • -Ultra-Fast Cloud
  • 10GB Data Transfer
  • -20 email accounts
  • -Online pro webmail
  • -1 click easy app installer
  • -cPanel control panel
  • -SSL certificate
  • -Backup/restore wizard
  • -UK data centre
  • -Unlimited Support

£4.99 a month package

  • -Host a single domain
  • -Unlimited Storage
  • -Ultra-Fast cloud
  • -Unlimited data transfer
  • -Unlimited email accounts
  • -Online pro webmail
  • -1 click easy app installer
  • -cPanel control panel
  • -SSL certificate
  • -Backup/restore wizard
  • -UK data centre
  • -Unlimited support

£5.99 a month package

  • -Host multiple domains
  • -Optimised for WordPress
  • -Unlimited storage
  • -Ultra-Fast cloud
  • -Unlimited data transfer
  • -1 primary domain and up to six add on domains
  • -Unlimited email accounts
  • -Online pro webmail
  • -1 click easy app installer
  • -cPanel control panel
  • -SSL certificate
  • -Backup/restore wizard
  • -UK data centre
  • -Unlimited support
web hosting uk cheap

Get In Touch with Us Today!

If you’re wanting to get in touch for our cheap uk web hosting then there are a few ways you can do this and the choice is yours.

The first would obviously be to pick up your phone and give us a call on 03333050175 and we can help you with whatever you are in need of, whether it be a new domain or just transferring it to us.

The second way would be to send us an email via our sales@ email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We usually get back to our clients within the day, but at peak times of the business we might take a little longer to get back to you depending on the query. We are sure you can understand this.

The third way would be to create an account on our website and create a ticket. You can create a ticket for any reason whether it be a query or an issue you might be having with transferring your domain or buying one from us. At the end of the day, we want to help our clients however we can with web hosting uk cheap and we always have the time to talk to them about any queries or issues they might be having with their domain or domains from us or otherwise.

What Hosting UK is and What It Means for Your Business

A lot of people want to know what hosting UK is and what it means for your business in 2021. That is why we have decided to go through all of the benefits of this and more in this very article. Like most of our other articles, we will go through hosting UK and describe its benefits then summarise as to why it is worthwhile that you host in the UK. So, sit back and relax as we delve through what hosting UK is and what it means for your business in the United Kingdom.

What is Hosting UK?

Hosting in the UK is something that all businesses in the United Kingdom must do. As there are many benefits to hosting UK if you have a business in the UK, as well as what you would expect from a hosting service.

What it really means is that the physical address of your host is in the United Kingdom, for businesses in the United Kingdom this is a necessity. As google recognises that your business website is hosted within the United Kingdom and will rank you accordingly in the United Kingdom. It is also a good way to address where your business is locally, as a business that has a hosting provider abroad is going to confuse google and start you ranking for their google.

At the end of the day, hosting in the United Kingdom is needed when it comes to businesses in the United Kingdom as you don’t want the hardships that potentially come with hosting outside of the UK.

web hosting uk

Negatives of Hosting Outside of the UK

Aforementioned in our last paragraph was that google will potentially rank you for a different area of the world if you choose to host abroad, which is true. But there are other issues which you can come across which we will outline below.

Depending on the certain data protection laws that the country hosting your website has, you will be under there jurisdiction. As the 1998 Data Protection Act only protects websites hosted in the United Kingdom. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why hosting UK is extremely popular in the UK.

Having a business in the UK means that hosting UK should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to hosting your business website. But there is also an element of trust when it comes to UK hosting, as hosting in other areas of the world (especially Asia) can be risky. We’re not telling you that all hosting providers in other areas of the world are bad, it is just they come with uncertainty as there have been a few which put you on shared servers that can slow your website immeasurably.

The many benefits of hosting with UK Box

As well as being a premier hosting UK provider we have many other incredible benefits when it comes to hosting with us here at UK Box. Most of these benefits you can see by visiting our website but we shall implement some of them below.

– Unlimited Support

– UK Data Centre

– Backup/Restore Wizard

– SSL Certificate

– cPanel Control Panel

– 1 Click Easy App Installer

– Online Pro Webmail

– Unlimited Email Accounts

– 1 Primary Domain & Up To 6 Add On Domains

– Unlimited Data Transfer

– Ultra-Fast Cloud

– Unlimited Storage

– Optimised For WordPress

– Host Multiple Domains

So, there are a few of the incredible benefits we can give our clients when it comes to our one-of-a-kind hosting UK services. If you would like more information then you can always take a look through our website!

hosting UK

Getting in touch with us at UK Box

There are a couple of ways that you can get in touch with us here at UK box for our hosting in UK services.

Our first option is to fill out our contact form on our website, we usually get back to people as soon as we can but in peak times of the business it may be longer.

Our second way is to call us up on 03333050175 and one of our dedicated team will answer any of the questions you might have about our business and/or services. Most of our questions we would have hopefully thought that we would have answered on our frequently asked questions page.

The third way to get in touch would be to email us directly at sales@ukbox.host and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Hosting in UK is Different to Web Hosting Abroad

One of the many questions that gets asked when it comes to hosting UK is how hosting in UK is different to web hosting abroad, and that is the very question we will be answering today in this one of a kind article. Other than hosting in the UK being quite self-explanatory as one hosts a website in the United Kingdom and obviously abroad is outside of the United Kingdom. There is more to it than just the difference in countries and names.

Hosting UK Performance Benefits

hosting in uk

One of the many benefits that some people might have figured out but for many it won’t be the case are the search engine optimisation benefits. If you have a business which is located in the United Kingdom and your website is located in the United Kingdom then you will rise in the search results for in the United Kingdom.

Sufficed to say if your website is hosted in the UK you will rank better in google.co.uk than google.de etc.

To understand servers in a simpler way you need to understand that if you want to target a UK audience that hosting in UK is the best option. As, basic functionality of the internet runs through wires, even though we all think of being wireless the data is picked up by a data centre which converts the data through wires to its destination. In laments terms, the shorter the journey from one area to another, the better.

Data Protection Benefits

Another of the many benefits in this country are the data protection laws that any individual in this country who lives here benefits from. As you might be or might not be aware of, any server that is based in the United Kingdom through hosting in UK is subject to the Data Protection Act of 1998. Which in laments terms is a piece of legislation that protects your personal data in the United Kingdom.

Deciding not the host in the UK will mean that your data is governed by the law within that territory of the world. In some ways this could be advantageous but it would be worth researching this before making a decision.

hosting uk

Why Choose UK Box As Your Hosting in UK Provider

UK Box takes cheap website hosting to a whole new level as our packages start from as low as £2.99 and go up accordingly which you can view on our website. You also get numerous benefits from coming on board with us as your hosting in UK provider. So, let us go through the many benefits we can give you when you come on board with us here at UK Box.

  • Host Multiple Domains
  • Optimised for WordPress
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Ultra-Fast Cloud
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 1 Primary Domain & Up To 6 Add On Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Online Pro Webmail
  • 1 Click Easy App Installer
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • SSL Certificate
  • Backup / Restore Wizard
  • UK Data Centre
  • Unlimited Support

So, with all that in mind when you’re next thinking about hosting in UK or hosting abroad for your business in the United Kingdom, you know that the best option is definitely the United Kingdom and that you should host your website with us!

Get in Touch with Us and Start Your Hosting in UK Experience!

There are many ways to get in touch with us here at UK Box and begin your hosting in UK experience. First you can always send us an email at sales@ukbox.host and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes this can take up to a few hours to reply during peak times of the business.

The second way to get in touch with us is to give us a call on 03333050175 and one of our helpful team will pick up the phone and answer any questions that you might have. These can either be about the service we provide, it’s benefits and what you ultimately get or about the business itself, it is entirely up to you. Our staff are dedicated to helping you however they can and will always be here to help.

The third and final way of getting in touch with us here at UK Box and beginning your hosting in UK experience is to use our contact form. Which you can find on our contact us page of our website, this will be forwarded to our emails and we will get back to you as soon as we can just like our normal email. Luckily, we get a notification about this and it is also stored in our website which lets us know that the email has been received.

Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Provider in the UK

When it comes to hosting for websites, mail servers, and web applications, businesses of all shapes and sizes have a variety of options at their disposal; examples include shared, reseller, cloud-based, virtual private server (VPS), managed, and self-service. With so many hosting solutions, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. If you operate a large organization and are in need of more power and control, opting for dedicated hosting may be your best bet.

What is dedicated hosting? What are the benefits of this type of hosting service? Read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting is a form of web hosting in which a physical service is dedicated to a single entity. In other words, a hosting company is renting a physical server to you. To further clarify, with a shared hosting plan (one of the most commonly used forms of web hosting), websites are hosted on a server that are shared with other websites, which helps to cut costs, as the price of the hosting service is divided among the clients who are using it. On a dedicated hosting plan, however, a single client leases out an entire server, along with all of the resources that server provides, including RAM, CPU, and disk space. The dedicated hosting provider not only builds, but also maintains the server organization.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, an organization has access to its own server. Since the server isn’t shared with anyone else, this type of web hosting service is usually ideal for larger organizations with websites that receive a lot of traffic, which provides the business with much more control and a lot more power.

Why should you consider investing in dedicated hosting for your UK-based business? Here’s a look at some of the advantages that dedicated web hosting provides.

More Control and Flexibility

Because you’re the only one using the server, you’ll have a lot more control, and more control means more flexibility. With dedicated hosting, you’ll be able to customize and manage the server so that your CPU, RAM, disk and software space will best fit the specific needs of your business. Furthermore, you can upgrade your server and the services it provides on an as-needed basis, so as your business changes and grows, a dedicated server will be able to change and grow with it. It’s because of the control and flexibility that dedicated web hosting provides that so many large-scale operations opt to use it to manage their websites.

Resources Aren’t Shared

Typically, space is the first thing that comes to mind when the heads of businesses consider the resources that web hosting provides. But resources include more than just space; they also include CPU and RAM. When you’re using a dedicated web hosting service, you don’t have to share any of these resources with any other entity. Since your business is the only one that has access to the resources that a dedicated hosting service provides, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to battle to access the disk space, RAM, or CPU that your operation needs, which is especially beneficial as your business grows.

Better Performance

Because your resources aren’t shared and since you’ll have more control and flexibility with a dedicated hosting service, your website will enjoy much better performance. You won’t have to deal with other websites using the bandwidth that you need when you need it. You also won’t have to worry about the issues that are often associated with other types of hosting services, such as server crashes. Your website will also be able to meet the demands of larger volumes of traffic. All of these factors combined mean that your website will perform a lot better, and as such, your site visitors will be a lot happier.

Increased Security

Arguably, one of the most notable benefits that a dedicated hosting service provides is a heightened level of security. If you’re using a shared or cloud hosting service, for example, you may end up having to deal with increased in bandwidth usage that could slow your sever down or bad scripts that could end up running on other sites, possible spammers, or even malicious software. This increased level of security is important for businesses in all industries, but it’s especially important for organizations that handle sensitive information over file transfer protocols (FTP) or secure sockets layer (SSL).

One-of-a-Kind IP Address

Every server has a unique IP address. If you’re using a shared hosting service that means that your website will have to share an IP address with all of the other websites that are using the server, which could spell trouble. For example, if one of the websites that you’re sharing a hosting service with is X-rated or spam, since you’re sharing the same IP address, there’s a good chance that your website ranking will be negatively impacted. When you use a dedicated hosting service, you’ll have a dedicated server, and along with that dedicated server comes a unique IP address. With a unique IP address, you won’t have to worry about the content of any other website impacting your site ranking.

Less Overhead

Lastly, with a dedicated web hosting service, you’ll be able to enjoy lower overhead costs. That’s because you won’t have to worry about buying or maintaining any of the equipment that’s needed to manage your website. The dedicated hosting provider you’re using will take care of the expenses that are associated with building and maintaining your server equipment. A dedicated hosting is a cost-effective way to manage your website, which can translate to seeing a greater return on your investment.

web hosting dedicated

Summing It Up

Given all of the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to see why so many organizations that have large-scale websites opt for dedicated web hosting. By taking advantage of this type of hosting service for your business, you might also see an increase in your overall success.

Your Solution To Cheap UK Web Hosting

Many people around the world are always searching for a solution to cheap UK web hosting as it is something everyone wants. Having something for cheap is great but, for many things this might lower the quality. Fortunately, when it comes to UK Box cheap UK web hosting this is not the case. We will tell you why in this article and go through our hosting in detail as to why it is an option that is both high quality and cheap.

Packages and meaning behind them

We have four main packages here at UK Box and the more you pay the more benefits you get. So, we shall go through each of our packages one by one and inform you of their great benefits.

cheap uk web hosting

Ruby Web Hosting Package

Like all of our packages they come with a lot of benefits, so here are a few of them.

-Host a single domain

-3GB storage

-Ultra-Fast Cloud

-5GB Data Transfer

-10 email accounts

-Online pro webmail

-1 Click Easy App Installer

-cPanel control panel

-SSL certificate

-Backup/restore wizard

-UK data centre

-Unlimited support

As you can see there is a lot we can do for you even on our cheapest package, so image the benefits you will get on our most expensive package. Anyway, onto the next package which is our Topaz cheap uk web hosting.

Topaz Web Hosting Package

Much like our Ruby package but with more to offer, here is our Topaz cheap uk web hosting package.

-Host a single domain

-6GB storage

-Ultra-Fast Cloud

10GB Data Transfer

-20 email accounts

-Online pro webmail

-1 click easy app installer

-cPanel control panel

-SSL certificate

-Backup/restore wizard

-UK data centre

-Unlimited Support

Citrine Web Hosting Package

-Host a single domain

-Unlimited Storage

-Ultra-Fast cloud

-Unlimited data transfer

-Unlimited email accounts

-Online pro webmail

-1 click easy app installer

-cPanel control panel

-SSL certificate

-Backup/restore wizard

-UK data centre

-Unlimited support

Now that we are close to the end of our packages you can start to see the stark contrast between them as you get more for the higher you pay.

uk web hosting cheap

Opal Web Hosting Package

Our final package is our Opal cheap uk web hosting package, which give you the best of everything. Take a look at the benefits of this package below.

-Host multiple domains

-Optimised for WordPress

-Unlimited storage

-Ultra-Fast cloud

-Unlimited data transfer

-1 primary domain and up to six add on domains

-Unlimited email accounts

-Online pro webmail

-1 click easy app installer

-cPanel control panel

-SSL certificate

-Backup/restore wizard

-UK data centre

-Unlimited support

As you can tell, you will be able to reap the benefits of one of these packages to further your domain and get yourself an outstanding website. Obviously, the more you pay the benefits you will get as it is with every service.

Why Choose UK Box For Your UK Web Hosting?

If the benefits above still haven’t enticed you then don’t worry, we can tell you more about us which we hope will sway you.

If you have the time and want to learn more about domains, servers and more then best thing you can do is head to our knowledgebase section of the website. Within that section of our website, you can find information on just about anything related to domains and servers, there is even more information about emails, mobile, PayPal and more.

We have all of our prices and what they include on our website as well so if you forget about this article then you have all the resources you need straight on our website. If you still have questions for us then by all means send us an email from one of the many contact forms on our website.

If you would still like some information from us about our services or our company then you can always use one of the many contact forms, equally, you can call us on 03333050175 and one of our dedicated team will pickup and answer any enquires that you have or email at sales@ukbox.host.

If you have a number of different websites that you would like to host then that isn’t a problem as we can cater to just about anyone. As well as a number of websites for any individual, if it comes to a point where you would need a large proportion of websites hosted, we can always have a chat over the phone and work something out if that is the case.

If you ever feel like your website is slow or your emails aren’t sending, you can always check on our server status on our website to get an understanding of if we are doing general maintenance, as it might be us and if that is the case, we do apologise but it is your best interests as well as ours!

Top 10 Benefits of Small Business Web Hosting in the UK

Are you interested in boosting the performance of your website? Perhaps you already have a functioning site and need to upgrade to private hosting in the UK. There are a lot of options to consider, all with various price ranges. Some high-end sites can offer the full package while other affordable options can also get the job done. Before you look into web hosting in the UK, cheap site services should be taken with a grain of salt. The best way to know how to get the best service for your buck is to understand the different outlets for UK hosting available on the market.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting in the UK is a type of commercial service that gives small businesses and independent startups space online for their website. The hosting services are tasked with providing the backend technology needed for a website to be viewed online. The sites are stored or hosted on physical servers on-site at the hosting company’s location.

In short, for small businesses, cheap web hosting allows you to put all of your website’s files on their server where your site visitors can view them. You may be wondering why you can’t just host the files yourself if you have a computer. Website files are much larger than most people realize. The larger a file’s size, the slower a computer will run. When people access a file online, this can slow down the process down even further.

UK hosting through a third party, specifically the web hosting service, gives you the computing power you need to keep your visitors happy. Hosting servers can process massive amounts of information while also responding to site visitors at the same time. You are basically renting space on the server to host your website and the bulk of your online business.

Services Offered With Cheap Web Hosting in the UK

Both high end and cheap UK web hosting will come with a few perks. You will generally get a couple of custom email addresses, regular support, website building help and regular server maintenance. This will allow small business owners to manage their website online even if they don’t have fully developed technical skills to do everything on their own.

After you choose a plan for your cheap web hosting in the UK, all you need to do is upload your website files to the main server. It is important to attach your hosting account and your domain name to ensure that your customers are able to view your site worldwide. There are various web hosting styles to fit the needs of just about every industry and business.

The Benefits of Cheap UK Web Hosting Services

There is a lot that you can do to build your small business with cheap web hosting in the UK. An affordable plan and the right provider will allow you to increase your ranking and improve your site usability. With reliable UK hosting for small businesses, you can prevent slow loading, lost customers and minimal conversion rates. There are plenty of other reasons to invest in web hosting for your small business aside from simple efficiency. Here is a list of our top ten benefits of UK web hosting for your business.

#1 Develop A Stronger Online Presence

Small businesses grow into large conglomerates by getting their name out in front of the public. With so many people turning to online sources for shopping and information, it makes sense to have a solid web presence. Utilizing cheap web hosting in the UK for your website is one of the best tools that you can bring to bear. Adding your social media profiles to your website is another way to double your organic traffic with minimal effort. Companies that don’t have a website seldom grow or even remain in business very long.

Another way that small companies keep people interested is by regularly updating their sites and platforms with content and information. An effective content marketing strategy needs a stable website that is best achieved through professional web hosting. Small businesses will be able to post information about new products, changes, trends and more. A website that is professionally hosted is the perfect place to publish regular content without having to compete for attention. This can be in the form of videos, blog posts and even image blitz campaigns. Anything that improves the relationship between you and your customers is worth investing in.

#2 Personalized Email Address For Staff

One great benefit of buying a domain and pairing it with cheap web hosting is that you can create customized email addresses. This can be a useful way to set up a single point for customer service relations, sales, complaints, feedback, and separate employee addresses. Not only will this give your website a more professional look but it will also help your small business to run more efficiently.

Depending on your industry, securing reliable hosting in the UK for your site can also lessen the risk of insider information being leaked. When you have a secure email domain that is hosted by a professional service, your information is secure. The last thing you want is private customer information being emailed to unsecure staff email addresses. Maintaining website hosting also ensures that you always have access to the information and emails even if a staff member leaves the company.

#3 Target Local Consumers

The ranking of your product or service is an important part of the choice to host your website on a server. In addition to cheap web hosting in the UK saving you money on hosting, it can also help you boost your local client base. Targeting locals is much easier when working with a professional hosting company. SEO plays a big role in how well your website will show up in searches and many hosting companies will offer support services in addition to their regular packages. It is also a great way to increase awareness about your brand in the local community and further improve your customer conversion rates.

Comprehensive hosting in the UK not only allows you to target consumers in your local area but also the world as well. You can learn a lot about who visits your website and you can tuse this valuable information to improve your website accordingly. This will lead to more conversions, site visitors, and sales at the end of the day. With hosting in the UK, your site will be able to handle much more traffic without suffering from the typical slowdowns or lagging pages. Many services offer online and other site tools to track your site visitor analytics which you can view at any time.

#4 In House Email Marketing

If you have a small or even medium following already, it is a great start for your small business. People know your name and generally what services you offer but reaching you may still be difficult. UK hosting will make it easier for your customers to stay in touch. Placing an email address or contact link on your site offers a simple solution for constant contact. A dedicated domain paired with cheap web hosting in the UK will also ensure that you never have to worry about losing access to your consumer base.

Email marketing is another way that small companies can grow their client base and active email list. It is also one of the best tools to drive sales and draw in new customers. When you use hosting in the UK for your website, you will have plenty of bandwidth, space, and analytics to help perfect your email marketing efforts. Some companies offering UK hosting even provide SEO and marketing packages at a discount for their regular customers.

#5 Maintain Security & Continuity

There are a lot of cheap web hosting options in the UK to choose from but understanding your needs is the best way to pick a provider. With any small business, the most important aspect is security. The service that you choose will need to have strong security measures to keep your company information safe and the information of your site visitors. The last thing you want to deal with is informing your clients that your website has been hacked or that their private information may have been exposed to third parties. Professional web hosting will give you and your customers security when browsing and navigating your website.

Listing your website with a company that offers professional hosting in the UK also acts as a safeguard for your business. You are able to access your website from anywhere in the world and have the assurance that your site is secure. Even if you have to move, or if something happens to your main office, your website will be protected. Continuity is one of the biggest challenges that small businesses face and with web hosting, your site will be perpetual.



#6 Solve Customer Issues & Questions Online

Customer service is an important part of any business regardless of size. One way to ensure that your customers will always have an answer to their questions is to set up an online contact option. When paired with a customer service phone number, an online help assistant can help reduce the number of complaints and make your business run more efficiently. With cheap UK web hosting, you can provide a dedicated email for customers to contact you and you can add an automated chatbot on your main page. This will improve customer retention and ensure that people do not have to leave your website in order to get the assistance they require.

#7 Design Help & Tech Support

For those of you who have used a free domain or web hosting service before, you know how limited the packages can be. You only have access to a few templates and designs for your site which can further hinder your growth. Instead, using cheap web hosting in the UK is a much better option. Professional hosting gives you an unlimited canvas upon which to build your website. You can design it on your own, bring in a freelance artist or even make use of the additional website building services of the host. You can experiment with a variety of different website designs or even launch multiple versions to see which one is preferred by your customers.

Another advantage of using cheap web hosting over free versions is the 12/7 technical support. Many small business owners may have the computer savvy needed to create an amazing website but for those who don’t, technical support can be a godsend. Glitches can tank your website and stop customers from visiting when you need site traffic the most. Professional web hosting services will offer you the support that you need to ensure that your website runs smoothly 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Site glitches that result in page errors lower your site traffic and reduce your revenue. Professionally hosted websites experience fewer errors and experience maximum amounts of uptime.

#8 Boost Your Online Sales

Expansion is always the goal for small businesses. Creating an engaging website that showcases your products and services is a great way to go about it. If you don’t have a website, or if you only have a minimal website, professional hosting is something to consider. Using cheap web hosting in the UK will give you a way to spur growth through new online sales. Instead of using one platform for your online sales and another for your basic business web content, you can host your site with a professional service that allows you to do both.

Setting up an online store on the same site as your main business will allow you to retain more customers and convert more site visitors. Business hours have no limit when you sell and ship through an online web portal. There is also much less overhead – basically only the cost of your web hosting and your fulfillment and delivery service. Hosting through a professional company also allows you to create a unique online community around your business. With no space or bandwidth restrictions, the internet is your literal oyster.

Creating an online community directly on your website allows visitors to connect with your brand and shop all in the same place. You can have forums, photo galleries, interactive sessions and so much more. When you use a web hosting service, you never have to worry about hitting restrictions or having to scale down your website plans due to a lack of compatibility. Your online community can help consumers who love your brand to spread their love to others who may just be getting introduced.

#9 Manage Your Space & Data

Out of all the benefits that come with hosting your website with a professional service, securing your data is among the most important. A professional web hosting provider will be able to back up your website and the entirety of its information on a regular basis. If you ever happen to suffer from a data loss, virus, or just have a run of bad luck with your coding, back-ups can restore your website to its previous condition. Losing data can result in a loss of business and even damage your reputation.

Professional web hosting allows you to retain complete control over your content and the look and feel of your web page. You can decide what your visitors see and how their online experience will progress while they are on your website. Having your site hosted professionally means that there will be no limitations regarding how your site looks and what you display.

Space is another aspect of web hosting that offers some advantages. Personal or even commercial-grade computers can only use up so much space before things start to slow down. With a professional web hosting service, you don’t have to worry about site degradation when you have high levels of traffic or a user-intensive website. There is no limit to the number of pages that you can host on a professional server which will allow you to meet your customer’s needs more efficiently.

In the UK, cheap professional web hosting will allow you to buy the amount of data space that you need to boost your small business production. You can always upgrade your data space as your company grows or downgrade it as your needs change. Professional cheap web hosting is the key to scalability for any small business looking to spur growth.

#10 Manage Your Time & Content Efficiently

Time is money in all levels of business. For small business owners, proper time management is even more important. Professional web hosting lets you save both time and money when you choose an affordable hosting provider in the UK. Cheap professional UK hosting allows you to take advantage of the expert services behind the tech without the need to train or hire them independently. Free web hosting services are great for people just starting out but you don’t get the support and bandwidth you will need to properly grow a small business. Professional hosting gives you more data, space, and support which will allow you to spend less time chasing solutions and more time getting your brand in front of consumers.

Cheap UK professional web hosting providers not only allow you to take control of your SEO but many also offer website ranking packages. The point of creating a responsive and attractive website is to increase your ranking so then you reach more consumers. Reliable web hosting from a professional provider will help you do so without reducing your site traffic or changing your aesthetic.

Pick Your Style Of Cheap Web Hosting In The UK

Now that you know some of the many benefits of hosting your website on an affordable but professional server, we can discuss the various types of web hosting available.

  • Dedicated Hosting – This form of web hosting is for small businesses who prefer to rent an entire server for their own website. This is a more expensive option and it is often used by businesses that deal with sensitive information and those that have a higher number of site visitors. You will have superior performance since there is no need to share resources with other users and you will have more options to customize your website and the services you offer.
  • Cloud Hosting – This form of hosting uses virtual hardware. Instead of running on a server, the whole web hosting environment is maintained on the cloud. While not as common as other forms of web hosting, it has grown in popularity in recent years. It is cost-effective and allows you to have better control over your expenses. For small businesses that have a variable amount of traffic each month, you pay only for what you use.
  • VPS Hosting – This is a unique form of web hosting that runs on virtualization. A dedicated virtual server is created for each website using resources from several shared physical servers. This allows small business owners to have a better level of performance on their website in addition to improved scalability.
  • Shared Hosting – This is the most common type of hosting in the UK. It works well for the majority of small businesses that have low to moderate site traffic. Shared hosting is the most affordable option out there for those looking for hosting who happen to be on a small budget. It is also very user-friendly which is another bonus for tech newbies and business owners with little time to learn website basics.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – This type of hosting is mostly for WP blogs and sites that run on the WordPress platform. This is best for those who already have a running website in WordPress who want to switch to a hosted service for improved efficiency. This type of hosting is much more secure and allows you more control over your website and your business.

Get The Best Cheap Hosting In UK For Your Buck

Professional web hosting is critical if you want to grow your brand or small business. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting service in UK, there are plenty of options to choose from. Make sure that you choose a provider that offers the type of hosting that your small business needs and one that offers superior security.

One of our favorite UK web hosting providers is UKbox. They are a high-performance web hosting company that has a fast cPanel and easy site management with 24/7 support.

What Is The Best Web Hosting Service in UK

The best web hosting service provider right now is UK Box. The reasons are many but, it provides an excellent value for money, hosts many websites worldwide, offers a free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth on all its plans.

How to explain the web hosting service in very simple terms

Think of web hosting providers as landlords and servers as properties.

Shared hosting is one of the worst things you can do for your website. Put too many websites on one server and the quality-of-service drops, the reasoning behind this is that too many websites slow down the server.

Dedicated hosting is the best option you have when it comes to web hosting uk as you will have an entire server just for one person. Expensive but definitely worth it as you will have everything you need. There are still minor limitations though but dedicated hosting allows for the best options around.

5 must know tips about buying a web hosting service in UK

Web Hosting Service UK

From our experience, we believe these are the five key things to consider when selecting yours:

  1. You almost always get what you pay for: As an essential business, it’s often false to go for the cheapest hosting deal or a free one. However, that doesn’t mean that all cheap deals are bad. It’s just that most can be extremely bad for the service you are expecting.
  2. Beware of pricing: The majority of web hosting services uk offer low prices at the beginning of their contracts, but after this they then up the pricing after the first few month’s end, which can be between 24, 36 or even 60 months after signing up. Always look for the total cost of ownership of the server. When it comes to paying for your server in advance, we don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.
  3. Just how trustworthy is the web hosting service uk provider: Just about anyone can pretend to be a real web hosting service uk, simply by reselling someone else’s product. The best way to get past this is to look to see how long the web hosting service has been around, if they have a contact address, who owns them, are they making realistic promises on the website and so on. Google is your friend here.
  4. Know your own limits: Just how comfortable are you with creating your own website? We imagine that not many people are, especially with the functionality of the common day. Do you need external help? If so, UK Box can help you to build you a website by getting in touch with their sister company The Web Designer Group!
  5. Consider web builders: You need a good web hosting service in UK to get your website online, but not many people will tell you that, as many will want to get you on shared hosting which is an absolutely terrible idea.

What are the different types of hosting services?

In a shared hosting service, a user shares a server with other sites and web hosting accounts. While these might be cheaper, it is the worse decision to make as they are slow loading, share bandwidth and clog up servers especially if there is one huge website and several smaller websites.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Cloud hosting enables you to scale the resources provided with web hosting services in uk as and when you need them, rather than being restricted by a physical server. They draw from a number of resources such as processing power, memory and storage depending on your requirements. VPS usually take one physical server and allocated dedicated resources whereas cloud hosting takes a bunch of different servers and allocate resources across them.

With a dedicated server web hosting service, you have the entirety of the web server for your own use, with significantly faster performance.

Web hosting service in uk companies usually offer three or four tiers of hosting packages. Other than the aforementioned tiers, we will also be considering WordPress hosting.

web hosting service uk

How to choose the best web hosting service in uk

The web hosting services uk your business can choose from will mean making a decision about whether a shared, dedicated, or cloud-based server is right for your business.

Very small businesses will usually opt for a shared server. Costs are low, but your business will be sharing its server with several other enterprises. You can always move up to a virtual private network (or VPS) if needed.

A dedicated server, is just one server with your business on it and will only ever have your business on it. Dedicated servers are not as expensive as they once were especially with UK Box around these days. They can make economic sense if you want your business to have its own web hosting server platform and don’t want to have to worry about other businesses on a shared server impacting your online business if they have problems.

Lastly, as the cloud has made a major impact right across the entire business environment, business web hosting service uk has also embraced Cloudflare, and now offers an alternative to the more traditional hosting methods. The power of cloud hosting is in the flexibility it offers: in effect, your business can purchase the space and web hosting services uk it needs now and expand at any time with zero disruption to your business.

Consider UK Box as Your Hosting Provider

If you’re not thinking about UK Box after reading this article then you must be crazy! Check out our hosting prices and get in touch with us. We have a number of different hosting packages which you can see on our homepage.